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The policy library contains all current operational policies in the NSW Department of Education.

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  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Aboriginal Education Policy PD-2008-0385-V03Defines the department's commitments in its schools. Developed in response to the Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education 2004, in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and key partners.
    Last updated09/06/2020
  2. Document title:Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher in NSW Public Schools PD-2008-0384States the department’s policy for the voluntary accreditation of teachers at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher career stage and the maintenance of that accreditation to meet the requirements of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and the Education Standards Authority Act 2013.
    Last updated28/10/2019
  3. Document title:Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Public Schools Policy PD-2005-0165States the department’s policy for the mandatory accreditation of teachers at Proficient Teacher level and the maintenance of that accreditation to meet the requirements of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and the Education Standards Authority Act 2013.
    Last updated27/05/2020
  4. Document title:Animal Welfare Policy – Schools PD-2004-0029-V02Information about school responsibilities related to the use of animals for educational purposes to ensure compliance with legislative requirements. Also included is information about correct procedures if an incident of animal cruelty occurs to animals used by the school.
    Last updated29/07/2020
  5. Document title:Anti-Racism Policy PD-2005-0235-V05This policy commits the department to the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination in NSW Government schools. It applies to all NSW Public School employees and students, and has implications for each school community.
    Last updated18/05/2020
  6. Document title:Assisted School Travel Program for School Students with Disability PD-2005-0292-V02The department manages the Assisted School Travel Program through the efficient and effective procurement, co-ordination and management of travel support services for eligible school students with identified disability to travel to and from school.
    Last updated21/07/2020
  7. Document title:Assisting Students with Learning Difficulties PD-2006-0342-V01This policy applies to all staff employed by the department including in school and non-school based positions. It also applies to students who attend NSW public schools and has implications for each school community.
    Last updated06/10/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy PD-2007-0367The Department of Education’s policy for providing funding support to schools for eligible permanent and temporary beginning teachers.
    Last updated21/05/2020
  2. Document title:Budget Policy PD/2006/0354/V01This policy has been rescinded.
    Last updated20/04/2020
  3. Document title:Bullying of Students - Prevention and Response Policy PD-2010-0415-V1.0.3This policy sets out the department’s position on student bullying and the requirements for preventing and responding to student bullying, including online bullying, in NSW public schools and preschools.
    Last updated14/02/2020
  4. Document title:Business Continuity Management Policy PD-2005-0289This policy sets out the arrangements for the NSW Department of Education to ensure that critical services are maintained and restored following a disruptive event.
    Last updated18/02/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Carry Forward Policy (Schools) PD-2021-0475-V01.0.0Direction and guidance for schools on managing State Consolidated Fund (Fund 6100) and Consolidated Fund Carry Forward (Fund 6101)
    Last updated22/04/2021
  2. Document title:Child Protection Policy: Responding to and reporting students at risk of harm PD-2002-0067-V02Sets out roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to child protection including training, reporting on safety, and supporting children and young people, as well as monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements.
    Last updated29/06/2020
  3. Document title:Child Protection: Allegations Against Employees PD-2005-0263-V02This policy details how the department responds to allegations of a child protection nature made against employees.
    Last updated21/08/2020
  4. Document title:Code of Conduct Policy PD-2004-0020-V6.1.0The Code of Conduct describes standards of professional conduct that promotes adherence to the department’s and NSW Public Sector’s values. It provides a framework for employees to support day to day ethical decision making.
    Last updated09/02/2021
  5. Document title:Commercial Arrangements – School-Based Activities Policy PD/2009/0399/V03Commercial arrangements are required when a school plans to provide goods or services to an external organisation, individual or business in return for cash or a value-in-kind provision.
    Last updated08/04/2020
  6. Document title:Communication Devices and Associated Services Policy PD-2002-0024-V05Responsibilities of staff in relation to the use of departmental communication devices and associated services, including telephones, mobile phones, computers, personal digital assistants, facsimiles, Internet, Intranet, email and broadband data services.
    Last updated03/07/2020
  7. Document title:Community Language Allowance Scheme PD/2005/0096/V03This policy provides for the payment of a Community Language Allowance to suitably qualified employees who have a basic level of competence in a language other than English.
    Last updated14/04/2020
  8. Document title:Community Use of School Facilities PD-2009-0400-V03.1.1Schools are encouraged to make their facilities available for use by the community. This must be for appropriate purposes and must not interfere with the school’s provision of quality learning programs.
    Last updated14/04/2021
  9. Document title:Complaints Handling Policy PD-2002-0051-V05This policy details how the department assesses, resolves and follows up complaints in order to improve its delivery of education programs and services.
    Last updated06/10/2020
  10. Document title:Controversial Issues in Schools PD-2002-0045-V03.0.2Direction for the management of controversial issues in schools.
    Last updated29/04/2021
  11. Document title:Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 PD-2005-0290-V09Detailing how schools plan curriculum and teaching programs including assessment and reporting to parents.
    Last updated02/10/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Demountable Accommodation for Schools Policy PD-2005-0261-V03Sets requirements and expectations for the use of demountable accommodation on school sites.
    Last updated26/02/2020
  2. Document title:Development application notifications for neighbouring developments (responding to) P-2005-0269-V01The Department of Education responds to development application notifications for proposed developments that are likely to impact on the operation of a school and/or affect the health and safety of students, staff and the school community.
    Last updated25/08/2020
  3. Document title:Drugs in Schools Policy PD/2002/0040/V04This policy sets out requirements for schools to plan and implement appropriate responses to drug-related incidents, with an emphasis on prevention through drug education and safe and supportive school environments, and intervention and support for students who may be involved.
    Last updated26/02/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools PD-2002-0006-V02Direction for the enrolment of students in NSW Government schools.
    Last updated04/02/2021
  2. Document title:Enterprise Data Policy PD-2009-0389-V02The Department of Education implements data governance systems and processes to ensure that information is governed and managed effectively to deliver the best opportunities and outcomes for all students.
    Last updated24/06/2020
  3. Document title:Enterprise Governance Policy PD-2021-0474-V01.0.0Direction to enable good governance practices of decision-making, advisory and consultation, and promote a culture of performance accountability to support delivery of department objectives.
    Last updated12/03/2021
  4. Document title:Enterprise Risk Management Policy PD-2004-0036-V03.1.0Direction and guidance on the department’s enterprise risk management requirements.
    Last updated07/05/2021
  5. Document title:Environmental Education Policy for Schools PD-2002-0049-V02This policy supports effective environmental education programs in NSW public schools, provides guidelines on managing school resources in accordance with ecological sustainability and is a starting point for addressing global environmental issues.
    Last updated12/08/2020
  6. Document title:Evaluation Policy PD/2010/0416/V01This evaluation policy provides direction for the evaluation of programs, projects, strategies, policies and initiatives across the Department of Education to improve education and training outcomes for children and students, promote strong, inclusive, active communities and support the effective, efficient and appropriate use of resources.
    Last updated10/03/2020
  7. Document title:Ex-Gratia Payments PD/2005/0266/V01This policy has been rescinded. The issues covered in the rescinded policy are addressed in the Treasury Policy: NSW Treasury Circular (TC) 11/02 – Ex Gratia Payments (PDF 33.7 KB)
    Last updated05/03/2018
  8. Document title:Excursions Policy PD-2004-0010-V07School excursions are structured learning experiences provided by, or under the auspices of, the school which are conducted external to the school site. They can pose risks. The policy and procedures are directed at managing such risks.
    Last updated24/06/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Financial Management STAFF ONLY PD-2020-0472-V01.0.0Direction and guidance on the financial management requirements of the department.
    Last updated16/02/2021
  2. Document title:Fraud and Corruption Control Policy PD-2004-0009-V03All employees have a responsibility for the mitigation of fraud and corruption in the department.
    Last updated03/11/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Head Teacher Eligibility Requirements Policy PD-2005-0275-V02This policy outlines the relevant academic qualifications teachers and head teachers must meet when applying for an advertised head teacher position in high or central schools.
    Last updated30/04/2020
  2. Document title:High Potential and Gifted Education PD-2004-0051-V4.0.0Guidance on implementing effective learning and teaching practices to develop the talent of high potential and gifted students
    Last updated25/01/2021
  3. Document title:Homework Policy PD/2002/0003/V02This policy statement sets out requirements for schools in relation to the development of homework policies. The implementation section includes purposes and principles, main types of homework and expectations for parents and caregivers, teachers and students.
    Last updated14/04/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Incident Notification and Response Policy PD/2007/0362/V04This policy sets out the obligations of all department employees to respond to an incident, promptly notify relevant managers through the required channels and arrange appropriate support.
    Last updated13/09/2019
  2. Document title:Information Security Policy PD-2015-0465-V01Information that is fit for purpose, secure, available, and accessible, and complies with applicable laws and regulations, enables staff to make everyday decisions and assists the department to realise its strategic objectives.
    Last updated17/09/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Joint Funding of Capital Works in Schools Policy PD-2005-0274-V01The joint funding of capital works in schools encourages schools and their communities to contribute to the provision of school facilities through cost sharing, thereby enhancing the standard of facilities provided in schools for use by the wider community.
    Last updated11/06/2020
  2. Document title:Joint Use of School Facilities and Land Policy PD-2017-0470Outlines the department’s commitment to and conditions for partnerships between the department and third party organisations to invest in new facilities, upgrade facilities, or maintain facilities.
    Last updated15/04/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Leading and Managing the School PD-2004-0024-V01A statement of key accountabilities for principals in the effective educational leadership and management of NSW public schools.
    Last updated18/09/2020
  2. Document title:Library Policy - Schools PD-2005-0221-V03.0.2This policy sets out the requirements for school libraries and the responsibilities of principals, teacher-librarians and other staff in relation to the programs of the library.
    Last updated02/10/2019
  3. Document title:Literacy K-12 Policy PD-2005-0288-V05Describes the objectives for ability, skills and competence of students, incorporating specific teaching practices and programs; and requirements for evaluation of effectiveness and responsibilities for K-12 teachers in reporting to parents, caregivers and communities.
    Last updated29/06/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Management of Conduct and Performance PD-2006-0335-V02This policy addresses the management of misconduct and unsatisfactory performance for department employees.
    Last updated10/02/2021
  2. Document title:Media Relations Policy PD-2009-0387-V01This policy has been developed to provide department employees with guidance as they engage with journalists and the media.
    Last updated01/07/2020
  3. Document title:Mentoring Students Policy PD-2005-0115-V01This policy sets out the requirements for implementing student mentoring programs in NSW public schools.
    Last updated21/05/2020
  4. Document title:Mobile Telecommunications Facilities PD-2005-0148-V01The Department of Education adopts a policy of prudent avoidance by not endorsing the installation of any mobile telecommunications facilities on school property.
    Last updated03/07/2020
  5. Document title:Motor Vehicle Policy PD-2005-0291-V02.0.2Direction and guidance for the operation of the department’s motor vehicle fleet.
    Last updated26/03/2021
  6. Document title:Multicultural Education Policy PD-2005-0234-V01.0.1This policy responds to the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of NSW. It commits schools to providing opportunities that enable all students to achieve equitable education and social outcomes and participate successfully in our culturally diverse society.
    Last updated17/03/2021


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Naming of NSW Government Schools PD/2013/0440/V01Categories and steps for establishing the name or changing the name of a government school. Naming or renaming of government schools requires Ministerial approval
    Last updated09/04/2020
  2. Document title:Numeracy K-12 Policy PD-2007-0365-V01Describes the role of teachers in developing students' numeracy skills to support specific numeracy demands across key learning areas; and outlines the assessment and reporting to guide numeracy programs and provide information to parents, caregivers and communities.
    Last updated01/07/2020
  3. Document title:Nutrition in Schools Policy PD-2011-0420-V01.0.2All schools should promote healthy eating and good nutrition. School canteens are required to implement the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy that includes food and drink criteria.
    Last updated22/02/2021


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Online Communication Services: acceptable usage for school students PD/2002/0046/V04This policy has been rescinded.
    Last updated06/12/2019
  2. Document title:Out of Home Care in Government Schools Policy PD-2010-0402-V01The policy sets out the requirements relating to children and young people in statutory out of home care who are attending government schools, including preschools.
    Last updated07/05/2019
  3. Document title:Overseas students and visitors PD-2013-0457-V02Instruction to staff for enrolling overseas students or hosting visits by overseas school students and adult educational groups.
    Last updated10/07/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:People With Disabilities - Statement of Commitment PD-2005-0243-V02The policy outlines commitment to people with disabilities, education objectives based on the principle of “normalisation” and responsibilities at state, regional and school levels. It also articulates the rights of parents, caregivers and students.
    Last updated17/06/2020
  2. Document title:Performance Management and Development Policy PD-2006-0334-V03Performance management and development provides a framework to value our staff, provides a working environment that acknowledges their contribution and builds capacity to ensure organisational effectiveness.
    Last updated31/08/2020
  3. Document title:Policy Management Policy PD-2004-0001Sets out the required structure and content for all policy in the Department of Education’s policy library.
    Last updated03/05/2021
  4. Document title:Preschool Class Fees in Government Schools PD/2011/0423/V02This policy applies to all NSW Government preschool classes. It outlines the general principles governing the fee processes, as well as information on collecting fees, fee relief and/or exemption.
    Last updated20/02/2020
  5. Document title:Private and Secondary Employment Policy PD-2003-0007-V09.0.2The policy sets out the principles of, and the requirements for, approval for private and secondary employment for all employees of the Department of Education, to ensure consistency across all sections of the department.
    Last updated04/03/2020
  6. Document title:Procurement Policy PD-2005-0294-V04The NSW Department of Education is committed to ensuring value for money when procuring goods, services and works to deliver education to the people of NSW.
    Last updated27/11/2020
  7. Document title:Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff PD-2004-0017-V02This policy provides direction for relevant and effective professional learning that supports teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff in their ongoing development which is critical to every student’s progress and achievement.
    Last updated20/11/2020
  8. Document title:Psychological Tests Policy PD-2005-0205-V01The Psychological Tests Policy defines the requirements for the administration of these tests in NSW public schools.
    Last updated06/07/2020
  9. Document title:Public Interest Disclosures Internal Reporting Policy PD-2002-0019-V06Describes an internal reporting system for disclosing suspected corruption, serious maladministration or serious and substantial waste or breaches for the GIPA Act.
    Last updated07/07/2020
  10. Document title:Purchasing Card Policy PD-2016-0469To enable the implementation of a flexible, efficient and cost effective method of purchasing business related goods and services as an alternative to traditional purchase-to-pay processes.
    Last updated30/03/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Records Management Program PD/2005/0284/V03A planned, coordinated set of corporate policies, procedures and systems to manage the records of the Department in compliance with State records legislation and in accordance with the Department’s own business needs.
    Last updated29/05/2017
  2. Document title:Release of Student Information Policy PD/2005/0088/V04
    Last updated21/11/2016
  3. Document title:Religious Education Policy PD-2002-0074-V04This policy outlines requirements and responsibilities for matters relating to general religious education and special religious education.
    Last updated11/05/2020
  4. Document title:Reporting School Accidents PD-2002-0064-V04This policy outlines the purpose of school accident reports and the responsibilities of principals and school staff in relation to the completion, storage and use of school accident reports and provision of information concerning accidents to parents and students.
    Last updated30/07/2020
  5. Document title:Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy PD-2002-0033-V02This policy is designed to support effective road safety education programs in NSW public schools K-12. It also assists schools to plan effective driver education for students in Years 9 and 10 and Stage 6 Life Ready.
    Last updated21/07/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:School Attendance Policy PD-2005-0259-V07This policy sets out the requirements for the attendance of students in NSW government schools.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  2. Document title:School Counselling Service Professional Practice Framework PD-2020-0473-V01Members of the school counselling service are required to be certified against the Professional Practice Framework and maintain this certification.
    Last updated27/01/2021
  3. Document title:School Excellence Policy PD-2016-0468-V02Direction for schools on school planning, ongoing self-assessment, annual reporting and external validation.
    Last updated30/11/2020
  4. Document title:School Uniform Policy PD-2004-0025-V02Sets the department's requirements for local school uniforms or dress codes.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  5. Document title:Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Policy PD/2006/0353/V03Requirements for placement in NSW government selective classes, selective high schools, agricultural high schools and opportunity classes; criteria for entry and the selection processes for gifted and talented students.
    Last updated08/04/2020
  6. Document title:Social Media Policy PD-2011-0418-V01This policy has been developed to provide department employees with standards of use as they engage in conversations or interactions using digital media for official, professional and personal use.
    Last updated03/09/2020
  7. Document title:Special Education in Ethics Policy PD-2013-0436-V01This policy outlines requirements and responsibilities for matters relating to special education in ethics.
    Last updated08/05/2020
  8. Document title:Sponsorship Policy PD/2005/0295/V03Guidance for seeking or managing sponsorship arrangements with an external organisation, individual or business.
    Last updated27/01/2021
  9. Document title:Sport and Physical Activity Policy PD/2002/0012/V03Sets out the requirements related to mandatory weekly participation in sport and physical activity for schools and their students. This includes identifying local procedures that support the planning and delivery of high-quality, safe sport and physical activity programs.
    Last updated26/02/2020
  10. Document title:Student Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD) PD/2013/0458/V01This policy has been rescinded.
    Last updated06/12/2019
  11. Document title:Student Counselling Files Policy PD-2005-0206-V02This policy sets out requirements for the establishment, use and storage of student counselling files.
    Last updated15/07/2020
  12. Document title:Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy PD/2006/0316/V03Good discipline is fundamental to the achievement of Government priorities for the public school system. In line with this, schools must have a school discipline policy which is developed in consultation with school community members.
    Last updated06/12/2019
  13. Document title:Student Health in NSW Public Schools: A summary and consolidation of policy PD-2004-0034-V01.0.2This policy provides a summary and consolidation of policy on student health in NSW public schools. It is designed to be read in conjunction with the department's student health website and the policy implementation documents.
    Last updated22/02/2021
  14. Document title:Student use of digital devices and online services PD-2020-0471-V01.0.2Advice to NSW public school communities on managing student use of digital devices and online services, including restricting access.
    Last updated04/04/2021
  15. Document title:Student Welfare PD-2002-0052-V01A framework for school communities to review student welfare, determine key issues for action and develop and implement student welfare actions and initiatives.
    Last updated15/07/2020
  16. Document title:Surplus Land Sale to non-Government Schools Policy PD-2014-0460-V01This policy has been rescinded.
    Last updated29/10/2020


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Travel on Official Business PD-2005-0229-V03.0.2This policy outlines requirements for the management of travel on official departmental business and provides clear instructions on the approval and authorisation processes for all departmental staff.
    Last updated23/02/2021


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Values in NSW public schools PD-2005-0131-V01This policy sets out the NSW approach to values and values education in public schools.
    Last updated29/07/2020
  2. Document title:Vendor Invoice Payment Terms Policy PD-2012-0430-V01This policy has been developed to optimise the departmental working capital and provide clear and equitable terms of business for our suppliers.
    Last updated30/06/2020
  3. Document title:Voluntary School Contribution PD-2005-0233-V01.0.2Outlines the criteria for voluntary contributions that can be made by parents and guardians to enhance school programs.
    Last updated27/04/2021


  1. Document title
    Last updated
  1. Document title:Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy PD/2013/0454/V01Work health and safety requirements including the department's commitment to the health and safety of everyone in its workplaces.
    Last updated28/10/2019
  2. Document title:Workforce Diversity Policy PD-2009-0388-V01The Workforce Diversity Policy is a commitment by the department to create a workplace that is fair and inclusive and build a workforce which better reflects the diversity of our students, parents and the NSW community.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  3. Document title:Working with Children Check Policy PD-2005-0264-V07The Working with Children Check - WWCC - is a screening mechanism to prevent certain persons from engaging in child-related work.
    Last updated27/04/2021
  4. Document title:Workplace learning for Secondary Students in Government Schools PD-2005-0016-V04Workplace learning enables students to contextualise and achieve significant curriculum outcomes by accessing the skill and knowledge environment of participating workplaces.
    Last updated29/06/2020