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This policy is current as at 10/05/2021 06:49pm, AEST. Please refer to policy library website (https://education.nsw.gov.au/policy-library) for an updated version.

The policy library contains all current operational policies in the NSW Department of Education.

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  • Access and equity

    Includes Aboriginal education, anti-racism, gifted and talented, multicultural education and students with disabilities.

  • Administration (schools and students)

    Includes school attendance, school excellence, leading and managing the school, enrolment of students, and school uniforms.

  • Curriculum and learning activities

    Includes curriculum, literacy, numeracy, homework, library, mentoring, and sport and physical activity.

  • Facilities and assets

    Includes community use of facilities, demountables, mobile phone towers, neighbouring developments, and procurement.

  • Finance

    Includes vendor invoice payments, voluntary school contributions, pre-school class fees and budget policy.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

    Includes bullying, nutrition, incident reporting, and protecting and supporting children and young people.

  • Management (enterprise and schools)

    Includes complaint handling, media relations, information security, records management and motor vehicles.

  • People

    Includes code of conduct, accreditation, secondary employment, working with children, and allegations against employees.

  • School activities

    Includes policies, excursions, and overseas students and visitors.

  • Technology, devices and the internet

    Includes social media, bring your own device, and acceptable usage.