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Access and equity

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  1. Document Title:Aboriginal Education Policy PD-2008-0385-V03Defines the department's commitments in its schools. Developed in response to the Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education 2004, in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and key partners.
    Last updated16/04/2018
  2. Document Title:Anti-Racism Policy PD-2005-0235-V05This policy commits the department to the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination in NSW Government schools. It applies to all NSW Public School employees and students, and has implications for each school community.
    Last updated18/05/2016
  3. Document Title:Assisted School Travel Program for School Students with Disability PD-2005-0292-V02The department manages the Assisted School Travel Program through the efficient and effective procurement, co-ordination and management of travel support services for eligible school students with identified disability to travel to and from school.
    Last updated21/07/2020
  4. Document Title:Assisting Students with Learning Difficulties PD-2006-0342-V01This policy applies to all staff employed by the department including in school and non-school based positions. It also applies to students who attend NSW public schools and has implications for each school community.
    Last updated06/10/2020
  5. Document Title:High Potential and Gifted Education PD-2004-0051-V4.0.0Guidance on implementing effective learning and teaching practices to develop the talent of high potential and gifted students
    Last updated14/01/2020
  6. Document Title:Multicultural Education Policy PD-2005-0234-V01This policy responds to the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of NSW. It commits schools to providing opportunities that enable all students to achieve equitable education and social outcomes and participate successfully in our culturally diverse society.
    Last updated19/05/2016
  7. Document Title:Out of Home Care in Government Schools Policy PD-2010-0402-V01The policy sets out the requirements relating to children and young people in statutory out of home care who are attending government schools, including preschools.
    Last updated30/05/2017
  8. Document Title:People With Disabilities - Statement of Commitment PD-2005-0243-V02The policy outlines commitment to people with disabilities, education objectives based on the principle of “normalisation” and responsibilities at state, regional and school levels. It also articulates the rights of parents, caregivers and students.
    Last updated26/03/2018