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Administration (schools and students)

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  1. Document Title:Animal Welfare Policy – Schools PD-2004-0029-V02Information about school responsibilities related to the use of animals for educational purposes to ensure compliance with legislative requirements. Also included is information about correct procedures if an incident of animal cruelty occurs to animals used by the school.
    Last updated29/07/2020
  2. Document Title:Commercial Arrangements – School-Based Activities Policy PD/2009/0399/V03Commercial arrangements are required when a school plans to provide goods or services to an external organisation, individual or business in return for cash or a value-in-kind provision.
    Last updated17/12/2015
  3. Document Title:Controversial Issues in Schools PD-2002-0045Direction for the management of controversial issues in schools
    Last updated22/02/2018
  4. Document Title:Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools PD-2002-0006-V02Direction for the enrolment of students in NSW Government schools.
    Last updated04/02/2021
  5. Document Title:Leading and Managing the School PD-2004-0024-V01A statement of key accountabilities for principals in the effective educational leadership and management of NSW public schools.
    Last updated18/09/2020
  6. Document Title:Overseas students and visitors PD-2013-0457-V02Instruction to staff for enrolling overseas students or hosting visits by overseas school students and adult educational groups.
    Last updated10/07/2020
  7. Document Title:Psychological Tests Policy PD-2005-0205-V01The Psychological Tests Policy defines the requirements for the administration of these tests in NSW public schools.
    Last updated06/07/2020
  8. Document Title:Release of Student Information Policy PD/2005/0088/V04
    Last updated07/11/2006
  9. Document Title:School Attendance Policy PD-2005-0259-V07This policy sets out the requirements for the attendance of students in NSW government schools.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  10. Document Title:School Excellence Policy PD-2016-0468-V02Direction for schools on school planning, ongoing self-assessment, annual reporting and external validation.
    Last updated30/11/2020
  11. Document Title:School Uniform Policy PD-2004-0025-V02Sets the department's requirements for local school uniforms or dress codes.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  12. Document Title:Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Policy PD/2006/0353/V03Requirements for placement in NSW government selective classes, selective high schools, agricultural high schools and opportunity classes; criteria for entry and the selection processes for gifted and talented students.
    Last updated
  13. Document Title:Student Counselling Files Policy PD-2005-0206-V02This policy sets out requirements for the establishment, use and storage of student counselling files.
    Last updated15/07/2020
  14. Document Title:Values in NSW public schools PD-2005-0131-V01This policy sets out the NSW approach to values and values education in public schools.
    Last updated29/07/2020