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Curriculum and learning activities

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  1. Document Title:Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 PD-2005-0290-V09Detailing how schools plan curriculum and teaching programs including assessment and reporting to parents.
    Last updated02/10/2020
  2. Document Title:Environmental Education Policy for Schools PD-2002-0049-V02This policy supports effective environmental education programs in NSW public schools, provides guidelines on managing school resources in accordance with ecological sustainability and is a starting point for addressing global environmental issues.
    Last updated12/08/2020
  3. Document Title:Homework Policy PD/2002/0003/V02This policy statement sets out requirements for schools in relation to the development of homework policies. The implementation section includes purposes and principles, main types of homework and expectations for parents and caregivers, teachers and students.
    Last updated10/01/2017
  4. Document Title:Library Policy - Schools PD-2005-0221-V03.0.2This policy sets out the requirements for school libraries and the responsibilities of principals, teacher-librarians and other staff in relation to the programs of the library.
    Last updated09/02/2021
  5. Document Title:Literacy K-12 Policy PD-2005-0288-V05Describes the objectives for ability, skills and competence of students, incorporating specific teaching practices and programs; and requirements for evaluation of effectiveness and responsibilities for K-12 teachers in reporting to parents, caregivers and communities.
    Last updated10/01/2017
  6. Document Title:Numeracy K-12 Policy PD-2007-0365-V01Describes the role of teachers in developing students' numeracy skills to support specific numeracy demands across key learning areas; and outlines the assessment and reporting to guide numeracy programs and provide information to parents, caregivers and communities.
    Last updated10/01/2017
  7. Document Title:Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy PD-2002-0033-V02This policy is designed to support effective road safety education programs in NSW public schools K-12. It also assists schools to plan effective driver education for students in Years 9 and 10 and Stage 6 Life Ready.
    Last updated21/07/2020
  8. Document Title:Sport and Physical Activity Policy PD/2002/0012/V03Sets out the requirements related to mandatory weekly participation in sport and physical activity for schools and their students. This includes identifying local procedures that support the planning and delivery of high-quality, safe sport and physical activity programs.
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  9. Document Title:Workplace learning for Secondary Students in Government Schools PD-2005-0016-V04Workplace learning enables students to contextualise and achieve significant curriculum outcomes by accessing the skill and knowledge environment of participating workplaces.
    Last updated22/01/2014