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Facilities and assets

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  1. Document Title:Community Use of School Facilities PD-2009-0400-V03.1.1Schools are encouraged to make their facilities available for use by the community. This must be for appropriate purposes and must not interfere with the school’s provision of quality learning programs.
    Last updated31/03/2021
  2. Document Title:Demountable Accommodation for Schools Policy PD-2005-0261-V03Sets requirements and expectations for the use of demountable accommodation on school sites.
    Last updated24/02/2020
  3. Document Title:Development application notifications for neighbouring developments (responding to) P-2005-0269-V01The Department of Education responds to development application notifications for proposed developments that are likely to impact on the operation of a school and/or affect the health and safety of students, staff and the school community.
    Last updated25/08/2020
  4. Document Title:Joint Funding of Capital Works in Schools Policy PD-2005-0274-V01The joint funding of capital works in schools encourages schools and their communities to contribute to the provision of school facilities through cost sharing, thereby enhancing the standard of facilities provided in schools for use by the wider community.
    Last updated16/06/2014
  5. Document Title:Joint Use of School Facilities and Land Policy PD-2017-0470Outlines the department’s commitment to and conditions for partnerships between the department and third party organisations to invest in new facilities, upgrade facilities, or maintain facilities.
    Last updated01/05/2018
  6. Document Title:Mobile Telecommunications Facilities PD-2005-0148-V01The Department of Education adopts a policy of prudent avoidance by not endorsing the installation of any mobile telecommunications facilities on school property.
    Last updated30/05/2017
  7. Document Title:Naming of NSW Government Schools PD/2013/0440/V01Categories and steps for establishing the name or changing the name of a government school. Naming or renaming of government schools requires Ministerial approval
    Last updated16/12/2014