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  1. Document Title:Financial Management STAFF ONLY PD-2020-0472-V01.0.0Direction and guidance on the financial management requirements of the department.
    Last updated20/04/2020
  2. Document Title:Preschool Class Fees in Government Schools PD/2011/0423/V02This policy applies to all NSW Government preschool classes. It outlines the general principles governing the fee processes, as well as information on collecting fees, fee relief and/or exemption.
    Last updated20/02/2020
  3. Document Title:Procurement Policy PD-2005-0294-V04The NSW Department of Education is committed to ensuring value for money when procuring goods, services and works to deliver education to the people of NSW.
    Last updated30/03/2021
  4. Document Title:Purchasing Card Policy PD-2016-0469To enable the implementation of a flexible, efficient and cost effective method of purchasing business related goods and services as an alternative to traditional purchase-to-pay processes.
    Last updated22/03/2018
  5. Document Title:Vendor Invoice Payment Terms Policy PD-2012-0430-V01This policy has been developed to optimise the departmental working capital and provide clear and equitable terms of business for our suppliers.
    Last updated24/05/2012
  6. Document Title:Voluntary School Contribution PD/2005/0233/V02Outlines the criteria for voluntary contributions that can be made by parents and guardians to enhance school programs.
    Last updated29/05/2015