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Management (enterprise and schools)

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  1. Document Title:Business Continuity Management Policy PD-2005-0289This policy sets out the arrangements for the NSW Department of Education to ensure that critical services are maintained and restored following a disruptive event.
    Last updated18/02/2020
  2. Document Title:Complaints Handling Policy PD-2002-0051-V05This policy details how the department assesses, resolves and follows up complaints in order to improve its delivery of education programs and services.
    Last updated06/10/2020
  3. Document Title:Enterprise Data Policy PD-2009-0389-V02The Department of Education implements data governance systems and processes to ensure that information is governed and managed effectively to deliver the best opportunities and outcomes for all students.
    Last updated08/12/2016
  4. Document Title:Enterprise Risk Management Policy PD-2004-0036-V03This policy describes the NSW Department of Education's approach to risk management.
    Last updated02/06/2017
  5. Document Title:Evaluation Policy PD/2010/0416/V01This evaluation policy provides direction for the evaluation of programs, projects, strategies, policies and initiatives across the Department of Education to improve education and training outcomes for children and students, promote strong, inclusive, active communities and support the effective, efficient and appropriate use of resources.
    Last updated11/02/2020
  6. Document Title:Fraud and Corruption Control Policy PD-2004-0009-V03All employees have a responsibility for the mitigation of fraud and corruption in the department.
    Last updated03/11/2020
  7. Document Title:Information Security Policy PD-2015-0465-V01Information that is fit for purpose, secure, available, and accessible, and complies with applicable laws and regulations, enables staff to make everyday decisions and assists the department to realise its strategic objectives.
    Last updated16/09/2020
  8. Document Title:Media Relations Policy PD-2009-0387-V01This policy has been developed to provide department employees with guidance as they engage with journalists and the media.
    Last updated13/12/2016
  9. Document Title:Motor Vehicle Policy PD-2005-0291-V02.0.2Direction and guidance for the operation of the department’s motor vehicle fleet.
    Last updated23/04/2018
  10. Document Title:Policy Management Policy PD-2004-0001Sets out the required structure and content for all policy in the Department of Education’s policy library.
    Last updated04/04/2018
  11. Document Title:Public Interest Disclosures Internal Reporting Policy PD-2002-0019-V06Describes an internal reporting system for disclosing suspected corruption, serious maladministration or serious and substantial waste or breaches for the GIPA Act.
    Last updated20/04/2018
  12. Document Title:Records Management Program PD/2005/0284/V03A planned, coordinated set of corporate policies, procedures and systems to manage the records of the Department in compliance with State records legislation and in accordance with the Department’s own business needs.
    Last updated29/05/2017
  13. Document Title:Sponsorship Policy PD/2005/0295/V03Guidance for seeking or managing sponsorship arrangements with an external organisation, individual or business.
    Last updated12/03/2015
  14. Document Title:Travel on Official Business PD-2005-0229-V03.0.2This policy outlines requirements for the management of travel on official departmental business and provides clear instructions on the approval and authorisation processes for all departmental staff.
    Last updated15/02/2021