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  1. Document Title:Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher in NSW Public Schools PD-2008-0384States the department’s policy for the voluntary accreditation of teachers at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher career stage and the maintenance of that accreditation to meet the requirements of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and the Education Standards Authority Act 2013.
    Last updated08/03/2018
  2. Document Title:Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Public Schools Policy PD-2005-0165States the department’s policy for the mandatory accreditation of teachers at Proficient Teacher level and the maintenance of that accreditation to meet the requirements of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and the Education Standards Authority Act 2013.
    Last updated06/03/2018
  3. Document Title:Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy PD-2007-0367The Department of Education’s policy for providing funding support to schools for eligible permanent and temporary beginning teachers.
    Last updated01/01/2018
  4. Document Title:Child Protection: Allegations Against Employees PD-2005-0263-V02This policy details how the department responds to allegations of a child protection nature made against employees.
    Last updated21/08/2020
  5. Document Title:Code of Conduct Policy PD-2004-0020-V6.1.0The Code of Conduct describes standards of professional conduct that promotes adherence to the department’s and NSW Public Sector’s values. It provides a framework for employees to support day to day ethical decision making.
    Last updated09/02/2021
  6. Document Title:Community Language Allowance Scheme PD/2005/0096/V03This policy provides for the payment of a Community Language Allowance to suitably qualified employees who have a basic level of competence in a language other than English.
    Last updated24/05/2017
  7. Document Title:Head Teacher Eligibility Requirements Policy PD-2005-0275-V02This policy outlines the relevant academic qualifications teachers and head teachers must meet when applying for an advertised head teacher position in high or central schools.
    Last updated04/04/2013
  8. Document Title:Management of Conduct and Performance STAFF ONLY PD-2006-0335-V02This policy addresses the management of misconduct and unsatisfactory performance for department employees.
    Last updated01/06/2007
  9. Document Title:Performance Management and Development Policy PD-2006-0334-V03Performance management and development provides a framework to value our staff, provides a working environment that acknowledges their contribution and builds capacity to ensure organisational effectiveness.
    Last updated31/08/2020
  10. Document Title:Private and Secondary Employment Policy PD/2003/0007The policy sets out the principles of, and the requirements for, approval for private and secondary employment for all employees of the Department of Education, to ensure consistency across all sections of the department.
    Last updated15/03/2018
  11. Document Title:Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff PD-2004-0017-V02This policy provides direction for relevant and effective professional learning that supports teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff in their ongoing development which is critical to every student’s progress and achievement.
    Last updated06/04/2021
  12. Document Title:School Counselling Service Professional Practice Framework PD-2020-0473-V01Members of the school counselling service are required to be certified against the Professional Practice Framework and maintain this certification.
    Last updated
  13. Document Title:Workforce Diversity Policy PD-2009-0388-V01The Workforce Diversity Policy is a commitment by the department to create a workplace that is fair and inclusive and build a workforce which better reflects the diversity of our students, parents and the NSW community.
    Last updated11/08/2020
  14. Document Title:Working with Children Check Policy PD-2005-0264-V07The Working with Children Check - WWCC - is a screening mechanism to prevent certain persons from engaging in child-related work.
    Last updated01/12/2020