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Health, safety and wellbeing

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  1. Document Title:Bullying of Students - Prevention and Response Policy PD-2010-0415-V1.0.3This policy sets out the department’s position on student bullying and the requirements for preventing and responding to student bullying, including online bullying, in NSW public schools and preschools.
    Last updated08/02/2021
  2. Document Title:Child Protection Policy: Responding to and reporting students at risk of harm PD-2002-0067-V02Sets out roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to child protection including training, reporting on safety, and supporting children and young people, as well as monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements.
    Last updated23/04/2018
  3. Document Title:Drugs in Schools Policy PD/2002/0040/V04This policy sets out requirements for schools to plan and implement appropriate responses to drug-related incidents, with an emphasis on prevention through drug education and safe and supportive school environments, and intervention and support for students who may be involved.
    Last updated25/02/2020
  4. Document Title:Incident Notification and Response Policy PD/2007/0362/V04This policy sets out the obligations of all department employees to respond to an incident, promptly notify relevant managers through the required channels and arrange appropriate support.
    Last updated23/11/2017
  5. Document Title:Mentoring Students Policy PD-2005-0115-V01This policy sets out the requirements for implementing student mentoring programs in NSW public schools.
    Last updated08/05/2014
  6. Document Title:Nutrition in Schools Policy PD-2011-0420-V01.0.2All schools should promote healthy eating and good nutrition. School canteens are required to implement the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy that includes food and drink criteria.
    Last updated19/02/2017
  7. Document Title:Reporting School Accidents PD-2002-0064-V04This policy outlines the purpose of school accident reports and the responsibilities of principals and school staff in relation to the completion, storage and use of school accident reports and provision of information concerning accidents to parents and students.
    Last updated30/07/2020
  8. Document Title:Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy PD/2006/0316/V03Good discipline is fundamental to the achievement of Government priorities for the public school system. In line with this, schools must have a school discipline policy which is developed in consultation with school community members.
    Last updated05/08/2016
  9. Document Title:Student Health in NSW Public Schools: A summary and consolidation of policy PD-2004-0034-V01.0.2This policy provides a summary and consolidation of policy on student health in NSW public schools. It is designed to be read in conjunction with the department's student health website and the policy implementation documents.
    Last updated22/02/2021
  10. Document Title:Student Welfare PD-2002-0052-V01A framework for school communities to review student welfare, determine key issues for action and develop and implement student welfare actions and initiatives.
    Last updated15/07/2020
  11. Document Title:Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy PD/2013/0454/V01Work health and safety requirements including the department's commitment to the health and safety of everyone in its workplaces.
    Last updated28/10/2019