Selective high schools – Year 7

Year 7 2024 entry—The test was held on 4 May 2023. Illness/misadventure closed on 11 May. Parents can change selective high school choices until 11 June 2023. Placement outcomes are expected on 18 August 2023.

Year 7 2025 entry—Applications are expected to open in October, 2023.

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Selective high schools

Selective high schools cater for high potential and intellectually gifted students.

They help students learn by:

  • grouping them with other gifted students
  • using special teaching methods so students can learn concepts in more detail and more quickly
  • supporting their wellbeing needs.

Most students in selective high schools enjoy learning more when their classmates have similar abilities and interests.

As well as providing for students’ academic development, selective high schools also offer a broad range of classes and extra-curricular activities such as: sports, creative and performing arts, music, and special interest clubs.

Key Dates—Year 7 entry in 2024*

For entry to Year 7 in 2024, applications opened on 18 October and closed on 16 November 2022.

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on 4 May 2023. The test will be paper-based.

Date Activity
18 October 2022 Applications open
16 November 2022 Applications close
15 April 2023 Student details changed by request only
20 April 2023 Test centre allocation & Test authority letter released

4 May 2023

Selective High School Placement Test

11 May 2023 Illness/misadventure requests due
11 June 2023 School choices final
18 August 2023 Placement outcome expected to be released

* There may be changes to key dates and procedures, please check the website regularly for any updates.

Key Dates—Year 7 entry in 2025

To be confirmed. Applications are expected to open in October and close in November 2023.

Types of selective high schools

There are 4 types of selective high schools:

  • Fully selective
  • Partially selective (includes classes with non-selective students)
  • Agricultural selective high schools (some offering boarding)
  • Aurora College—an online 'virtual' selective school for rural & remote students

Learn more at What are selective high schools.

Selective high schools are unzoned so you can apply no matter where you live.

Equity placement

We encourage applications from diverse students.

Our Equity Placement Model helps to make access fairer for high potential and gifted students who are currently under-represented in selective high schools. This helps make placement fairer for the following under-represented groups:

  • students from low socio-educational advantage backgrounds
  • Aboriginal students
  • rural and remote students
  • students with disability.

Learn more at Equity Placement Model.

Tips for identifying if your child has high academic potential

Gifted and high potential students often have some, or all, of the following characteristics; they:

  • enjoy learning
  • have intense curiosity
  • display a good memory
  • ask complex questions
  • enjoy learning new and often complex ideas or skills
  • require fewer repetitions when learning new things
  • are creative
  • become intensely focused in their area of interest or passion.

Please keep in mind that these traits are only one way to indicate high potential students. Some high potential and intellectually gifted students may not act like this, for example, due to lack of opportunity, disability or disadvantage.

Ask your child’s teacher if you want advice about whether your child might benefit from attending a selective high school.

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