Wellbeing support for schools

The department’s commitment to wellbeing is for our schools to support students to connect, succeed and thrive at each stage of their development and learning.

Schools are supported to focus on the development of quality teaching, learning and engagement. The focus is on being responsive to the needs of schools and incorporating wellbeing into planning and processes.

The department provides a range of initiatives to support wellbeing in schools – follow the links in the menu for more information.

Wellbeing and Health In-reach Nurse Coordinator Program

About the program

The Wellbeing and Health In-Reach Nurse Coordinator program is a partnership between NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education.

The program establishes a wellbeing nurse to work in selected schools to identify health and social concerns for students and their families and facilitate their access to health care.

Wellbeing nurses are an additional support within schools and work as part of a whole school approach to student health and wellbeing.

The wellbeing nurse role

A wellbeing nurse:

  • works across schools and health and community settings,
  • establishes relationships with key service providers,
  • accesses health resources and medical record systems,
  • supports students and families to access services.

They work closely with, and are part of, the schools' broader learning and support and wellbeing teams.

Wellbeing nurse locations

Wellbeing nurses typically work across all types of public schools, including primary, secondary, central, connected communities and schools for specific purposes. The roles are positioned to align with the Local Health District (LHD) that employs them.

As of May 2023, 96 wellbeing nurses are working across more than 360 NSW public schools. (Information supplied by NSW Health)

For information about which schools have a wellbeing nurse under the program, download the list of schools.

Contact us

For any other questions about the Wellbeing and Health In-reach Nurse Coordinator program in NSW public schools, please contact the Student Health and Mental Wellbeing team by sending an email to student.health@det.nsw.edu.au

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