Future EDge

This journal features advice and strategies from leading educators and internationally renowned researchers on ways to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

Future EDge draws upon the research of the Education for a Changing World initiative. Working with leading educators and researchers, this initiative indicates that the demands of an uncertain future are best met by some of the longest-standing goals of education: a strong foundation in the core skills of literacy and numeracy, deep content knowledge in a range of disciplines, and the ability to problem solve and reason ethically, critically and creatively.

Issue 3 - 'Teaching and technology'

The third issue of Future EDge considers the rewards and risks of bringing emerging technologies, including AI, into the classroom, and the importance of including students and teachers in conversations about using these technologies to support learning and teaching.

This issue includes a foreword by the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC, and features contributions from:

  • Associate Professor Erica Southgate from the University of Newcastle, who discusses the importance of teacher involvement in the design and implementation of AI in schools, and some potential benefits and risks of emerging technologies in classrooms.
  • Department Secretary Mark Scott, who reflects on an extraordinary year for students and teachers, why students must be at heart of technology use in the classroom and what the NSW AI strategy means for education.
  • Leading US data privacy experts Professor Evan Selinger and Amelia Vance from the Future of Privacy Foundation, who provide a practical guide to engaging students in learning about AI privacy and ethics, and highlight the importance of managing the risks of bringing AI into the classroom.
  • Professor Genevieve Bell and Dr Amy McLennan from the 3A Institute at the Australian National University, in conversation with recently retired department Deputy Secretary Leslie Loble, about how education should shape technology design, and how the education system can create and support the next generation of designers.

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Additional resources

Interested in hearing more from authors featured in this issue? Erica Southgate has provided the following infographics on technology for education:

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