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School Excellence cycle animations

1. An overview

A brief overview of the 2021-24 School Excellence cycle - providing NSW public schools with the tools to drive continuous school improvement and improved student outcomes.

2. An introduction

An introduction to the steps involved in 2021-24 School Excellence cycle. The School Excellence cycle aligns components of the School Excellence Framework, providing our NSW public schools a process to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate strategies to drive improved student outcomes.

3. A situational analysis walkthrough

In the first step in the School Excellence cycle, schools undertake a situational analysis to assess their current state. This video outlines the steps taken in the situational analysis, which is a key component in developing the Strategic Improvement Plan.

4. Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) walkthrough

After the situational analysis, schools use collected data and work with the community to develop a Strategic Improvement Plan. This plan sets out the specific steps a school will take in their pursuit of continuous school improvement and improving student outcomes.

5. Implementation and progress monitoring walkthrough

Once the SIP is finalised, schools will implement and monitor its progress in SPaRO, through ongoing evaluation of activities related to initiatives. This process is recommended twice a term. Schools add, tag and annotate evidence. The annual reflection is a review of the impact of these activities, supported by evidence. The annual reflection auto-populates the annual report.


6. Resourcing your Strategic Improvement Plan

A school's Strategic Improvement Plan maps the steps towards improved student outcomes. Find out how your SBAR allocation can resource your SIP to deliver school improvement and excellence.

7. Annual reflection animation

Schools start their annual reflection in Term 4 to evaluate progress towards improvement measures in their Strategic Improvement Plan. Watch the animation.

Beginning in Term 4, schools start the annual reflection by evaluating the impact of their Strategic Improvement plan, publishing the annual report and using the findings to make informed decisions for the next phase of their school plan.

School Excellence support material

Please note that the professional learning (PL) identified in the following flowcharts and guides are no longer registered PL, as per NESA's announcement in late 2020. All PL highlighted in this material can be considered elective PL.

Resourcing your Strategic Improvement Plan

When completing your 2021 annual report, please see the '2021 Guide for resourcing your SIP' as it reflects RAM figures in 2021.

For 2022, when implementing your SIP, please use the '2022 Guide for resourcing your SIP' as this shows the RAM figures for 2022.


  • Situational analyses - samples
  • Strategic Improvement Plans - samples
  • Implementation and progress monitoring - samples.

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