New resource to develop future school leaders

A new resource has been released by the School Leadership Institute to help identify and develop aspiring school leaders.

The new School Leadership Identification Framework (SLIF) will identify and support current classroom teachers who have the potential to become future school leaders. 

This will help individual teachers enhance their leadership impact and progress in their careers while ensuring that NSW public schools continue to benefit from great leadership.

The SLIF outlines a ‘development cycle’ that classroom teachers undertake to develop their leadership skills. The cycle includes identifying a mentor, setting goals, developing a leadership plan, and undergoing collaborative activities such as classroom observations, feedback and professional learning. 

The framework is supported by a comprehensive set of resources for teachers including a development guide, development journal, mentoring and feedback guides, e-learning modules and video case studies. Staff will also be able to attend a series of webinars to learn about the SLIF and how to take part. 

The SLIF was developed by the School Leadership Institute (SLI) after extensive research and consultation with school leaders and teachers, as well as a 12-month pilot program in 2021. 

Find out more about the SLIF. (Staff only.)

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